Intercepter-NG Nuovo tool per lo sniffing

[Intercepter-NG] offre tali servizi: + Sniffing passwordshashes of the types: ICQIRCAIMFTPIMAPPOP3SMTPLDAPBNCSOCKSHTTPWWWNNTP CVSTELNETMRADC++VNCMYSQLORACLE + Sniffing chat messages of ICQAIMJABBERYAHOOMSNIRCMRA + Promiscuous-modeARPDHCPGatewaySmart Scanning + Raw mode (with pcap filter) + eXtreme mode + Capturing packets and post-capture (offline) analyzing + Remote traffic capturing via RPCAP daemon + NAT + ARP MiTM + DNS over ICMP MiTM + DHCP MiTM + SSL MiTM + SSL StripWorks on Windows NT(2KXP2k3Vista7).